Friday, February 5, 2010

Always a Bridesmaid, Finally a Bride!

On January 16th I was able to get my mom and all of my bridesmaids including Danae together to go bridesmaid dress shopping in Greene, NY. We went to Nathaniel Greene's for lunch, a nice restaurant just down the street from Dress Your Fancy where we got the dresses. My mom was so nice to pick up the tab! A funny story to go along with this, I bought my wedding dress months ago from a local shop. When we went to this shop I really wanted to try on dresses since Jill was the only one with me when I bought my dress. It was just for fun, or so I told myself. Of course I try on a dress that makes me cry and a few of the girls tear up! I knew that it was THE dress! So two days later I went back and bought it! Now Jimmy and I need to get the first dress on Ebay and try to sell it. My new dress makes me feel like a bride for sure whereas the first dress I can say I wasn't in love with like this one!

Jamie, Mom, Rebecca, Michala, Erin, Nic, Me and Danae....Jill took the pic

My family :) Jamie my maid of honor, Mom, Rebecca, Michala my flower girl
and Erin my matron of honor

Nic, Me, Danae and Jill :)

Me picking out the colors of the dresses!
Thanks for capturing this moment Jill!

Michala for some reason did not feel like trying on dresses that day so her bear did for her :P

The Celebration of a Decade

Brett and Nicolina came up with a great idea to have an 80's party hosted at their house. Everyone was instructed to dress as if they were in that decade. I think everyone's outfits were awesome! There was a ton of dancing and laughing the whole night. All in all a great time!

All of the girls

Brett as Janet Reno

Jimmy and I - Jimmy was Don Johnson from Miami Vice

Danae, Erin, Jill & I

Nicolina and I

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best of 2009

I have to say 2009 started off not so well for me but it definately turned out to be a good year. here are some pictures to sum it up.

Trip to NYC with Tim, Katrina and Kortney - January

Michala and Kevin - March

Camping weekend at Roys - April

Erin, Michala and I - April

Jill and I - June
Erin, Jeff and Jimmy in Baltimore my birthday/our engagment weekend - July

Katherine, Jill and I after Jill's Bridal Shower - August

Everyone in Florida - August
Katherine, Jill and I after Jill's Bridal Shower - August

Nicolina and I on her wedding day - September

Jill, Me, Rachel & Nicolina at Jill and Sev's Wedding - November

Erin, Mom and the kids in Maryland the weekend they moved to NY - December

Nicolina and I at Alyssa's Wedding - December

Jimmy and I at the Binghamton Regency Holiday Party

Everyone on Christmas - December

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's The Best Time of the Year

We spent this Christmas at Erin & Jeff's new house in Oswego, NY with the whole Wahl family. We drove up Christmas Eve and just had a great time with family. Christmas morning we have a lucious breakfast and for Christmas dinner Jeff and Erin continued the Wahl tradition of a delicious seafood feast! We had scallops, crab legs, clams...and the list goes on.

Jimmy and I <3>

Britty, Bryan, Jeff & Jimmy

Erin & I

Jamie, Me & Erin

Kevin & Michala

Jimmy's Parents Christmas Morning

Jeff and Erin's house is absolutely beautiful, rembling a log cabin in the woods. The previous owners left behind a 4-wheeler so we had that out quite a bit, even the kids rode it and had a great time!

Erin & Bryan

Pup Pup and Michala...she is waving!

Pup Pup and Kevin

Jimmy and Britty
For New Years Jimmy and I will be going to back to Oswego to ring in the New Year with Erin. Jeff is going to Floriday for 6 weeks of training so we are going to keep her company! Happy New Year everyone!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love these kids!

Kevin and Michala have been in NY for about a week since Erin and Jeff have been moving from Maryland up to snowy Oswego. They are the hardest kids to get to pose for a picture, especially Kevin but as you can see I got some really good pictures of them. I told them that the camera was broken and the only way it would work was if they smiled...suckers lol. For some reason they have a facination with looking at the screen to see what the picture looks like after I have taken in. I think it's because it's a new big lucious camera with a bright flash....who knows. The kids went up to their new house yesterday and I miss them a lot but weather permitting, Jimmy and I are going to be going up there for Christmas. I can't wait!

Weekend Funtivities

Saturday was quite eventful with Alyssa and Josh's wedding followed by a get together at Jill and Sev's new place. The reception was at the Terra Cotta in Binghamton. Everything was so beautiful from all of the decorations to the wedding cake that Bonni made. I'm a little upset that I didn't look in to the Terra Cotta for my wedding reception! Either way, it was a lot of fun, Nic and I tore up the dance floor for a bit.

After the wedding Jimmy and I headed over to Jill and Sev's new place for some friendly bonding. We played Taboo which was hilarious, even though Jill, Katherine and I lost. We drank egg nog and feasted on some delicious treats provided by Jill and Danae's mom. Mmmm. Having a new camera compells me to take lots of random pictures. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jill & Sev's Wedding

Jill and Sev got married on November 7, 2009. They had their ceremony at the Vestal Methodist church with a reception following at the Binghamton Regency. It was great being able to assist them in their planning seeing as I work at the Regency but it was also great getting to be in the wedding. Of course I would be seeing as we've been best friends since kindergarten! Jill's bridal shower was a Tea held at her parents house that her sister put together. It was so nice and planned so well! For Jill's bachelorette party we all went to Red Lobster for dinner and then went to the new Holiday Inn express and staying in a suite overnight playing board games, watching movies and snacking. I couldn't have imagined everything going better!